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Permanent Magnetic Angle Holder type PMA

Heavy duty construction, Waterproof construction, Long service life, Safe, Effective




. For holding of welded elements at 90°
. 2 active faces
. Robust construction with ferrite magnets
. Fixed 90° angle
. To be used exlusively for holding welded elements together


Art.-N° 17.20
17.20 Magnetic tool type PMA
Magnetic tool type PMA
Magnetic tool type PMA
17.20 Magnetic tool type PMA
17.20 Magnetic tool type PMA

Art.-N°17.20 Diagram below: dimensions in mm
Quantity Product Weight ABCD
17.20.115N0,71151053830 daN
17.20.145N1,11451454550 daN
17.20.175N1,61751754865 daN
17.20.260N2,12601754890 daN
17.20.230N3,12302306070 daN
17.20.330N4,333024060100 daN
17.20.320N5,032032060100 daN
17.20.115R0,751151053840 daN
17.20.145R1,151451454570 daN
17.20.175R1,71751754890 daN
17.20.260R2,226017548110/75 daN
17.20.230R3,323023060100 daN
17.20.330R4,533024060100/150 daN
17.20.320R5,232032060150 daN
17.20.120T1,251201103825 daN
17.20.150T1,251501504530 daN
17.20.180T1,81801804840 daN
17.20.265T2,452651804840/60 daN
17.20.235T3,12352356065 daN
17.20.450B11,545045060210 daN
17.20.150TC1,71501504540 daN
17.20.190TC2,151901904550 daN
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