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(2010, January)

Residual magnetism in mechanical pieces: Diagnostic and training on site

Influence of residual magnetism on the cleanliness of pieces. ISO 16232 / NF E48-651.

BMS INDUSTRIE offer for the automobile sub-contracter, in demagnetization environnement, major solutions for an effective wash of pieces.

Informations on influence of magnetism residuel - ISO16232 / NF E48-651

magnet for robot
magnet for robot

(2009, November)

New magnetic lifter ROB240 & ROB540 for robot
This magnetic handler, in electropermanent version, has been design by BMS INDUSTRIE to equip robots. It is small and light. With use electropermanent technologie, this magnetic lifter is absolutely safe for the handling of ferrous pieces. Delivered with adaptation.
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(2009, February)

BRAILLON Magnetic clamping system for linear guide
In 2009, february, BMS INDUSTRIE delivered a new magnetic clamping system magnétique for the clamping of linear guides on grinding machine.
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(2008, december)

New permanent magnetic lifter model BHP
This new generation of magnetic lifter, design by BMS INDUSTRIE, made with neodynium magnets is more safe and robust.
Magnetic lifter manufacturing in our workshop according to CE Norm.
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(2008, November)

BMS INDUSTRIE sign a contract of commercial representation with the company MAGNET-SCHULTZ-MEMMINGEN for the french market.
On 08.11.15, Hubert Burlat, Gerant of company Bridage, Magnétisme & Systèmes, announce in specialist publication, the signature with ¨Magnet-Schultz-Memmingen" of an exclusive sales representation for the french market. We wish to enlarge our offer in magnetic products and to find new markets such as energie, automobile or aeronautics.
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(2008, September)

BMS INDUSTRIE, new head office to Levallois-Perret in area Ile de France.
On 08.01.09 BMS INDUSTRIE open his subsidiary in France. The strategy is directed to promote and sell a large range of products for clamping pieces, lifting and handling pieces, palettization of machine tools and demagnetization of pieces.
BMS INDUSTRIE in France also represente the manufacturer of solenoids MAGNET-SCHULTZ.
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milling magnetic chuck
milling magnetic chuck

(2008 June)

Palettization of Anayak milling machine
In 2008, June, BMS INDUSTRIE installed several systems of magnetic clamping on milling machines model ANAYAK. It is a reel palettizing magnetic system because the customer can use a small table (in the center of the machine to have 5 free faces) or can use a big magnetic table for milling big plates.
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