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Services and Retrofit

Demagnetization of complexe pieces on workshop  -         

BMS INDUSTRIE offer special service in demagnetization to their customer with very special design of demagnetization systems:
- Demagnetization of complexe pieces or big pieces in workshop
- Demagnetization of pieces in laboratory (in our company)
- Rent of demagnetization system and measuring instruments
- Repair and assistance on aera (Identify and solve problems of magnetism at the customer)
- Training on the demagnetization and the magnetism 
magnetic chuck unit control
magnetic chuck unit control

Diagnostic, Training and Assembly on site-                         

BMS INDUSTRIE can make diagnostic on site where magnetic systems are used. Analyse of functions, mesure of magnetic field, checking and regulation of electronic unit control and repair of existing system.
Our technical team mastery all the technologies used in industry environnement. We can also offer complete offer of clamping systems with all the services such as: assembly, starting, training of staff and also after sales service contract. Thanks to the competence of our teams, we propose a service of very high quality to our customers.

Reparations and re-builbing of rectangular and round magnetic chucks, and lifting magnets  -                            

BMS INDUSTRIE offer a complete after sales service for all the existing magnetic systems used on the market. We can re-build very big tables for grinding machines. We can manufacture small or big coils.
Finally we can repair magnetic lifters, check the magnetic force of them in workshop up to 20 tonnes.
This test can also be done in our factory. Contact us for the formalities.
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