• BRAILLON Steuerung, Group, control unit
  • BRAILLON Fernbedienteil für Magnetsteuerung mit Display
BRAILLON Steuerung, Group, control unitBRAILLON Fernbedienteil für Magnetsteuerung mit Display

Control Unit

    • Heavy duty construction
    • Long service life
    • Innovative
    • Effective
    • No remanence


BRAILLON MAGNETICS control units are the result of many years of research and experience. They make it possible to take full advantage of electro-permanent and electromagnetic technology with a proven reliability.

Management of multiple size chucks
The same type of control unit can be configured in different ways in order to control magnetic chucks of different sizes, up to 4 different chucks

Operate different designs and brands
All BRAILLON MAGNETICS control units incorporate a microprocessor capable of saving several programs. This enables the operation of magnetic chucks or lifting magnets of different designs and from other manufacturers: both electro-permanent systems and electromagnetic systems.

Total demagnetization
Demagnetization cycles are optimized for each type of magnetic chuck. It is also possible to customize them on request using a USB key. Up to 10 different programs can be saved

Machine interface
All BRAILLON MAGNETICS control units integrate an interface allowing them to command and control the magnetic chucks from the PLC machine. Output security data is available to check the correct operation of the magnetic system.

Offsite remote assistance
The new MC 20- BRAILLON MAGNETICS electronic card allows our technicians to make a remote diagnosis in the event of a possible malfunction or in order to improve the configuration of the control unit. Example: improvement of demagnetization according to customer parts.

Adjusting settings by USB key
The USB key integrated on the MC 20 card not only allows you to configure the control unit, but also to save all the information (history and errors). The key can also be used to modify the parameters in order to improve the functions of a magnet: the magnetism, the residual magnetism, the demagnetization time as well as the functions of the control unit.

Control up to 8 magnetic chucks
BRAILLON control units allow you to control several electro-permanent magnetic chucks at the same time. For example, a iBUR-80 control unit will allow you to control up to 8 Magnetic chucks.
  • Use :
    • Grinding
    • Milling
    • Lifting
  • Voltage :
    • 200 à 480 VAC
Options :
T20 remote control available separately