Who is BMS ?

BRAILLON MAGNETICS - Inventor and manufacturer of magnetic clamping and lifting systems / 
Represented in Germany by the company Burlat-Magnet-Systeme GmbH


The company Burlat Magnet Systeme GmbH was founded in December 2007 in Lübz in northern Germany. As of 2020, the company has moved to nearby Parchim, after completion of the new production hall.

The young German team has gained a lot of practical experience in industrial magnetism and is ready to assist you professionally with your enquiries.

BMS Industrie has a German/French management team that brings a wealth of know-how and expertise not only in workpiece clamping and palletising, but also in the handling of magnetic parts in automated processes with robots, in the demagnetisation of workpieces and in the separation of materials.

Burlat-Magnet-Systeme GmbH, in Germany for more than 15 years and part of the BRAILLON family, advises all German-speaking customers on the use of the optimum BRAILLON product for the respective application. We stand for professionalism, quality and reliability.

Through BRAILLON MAGNETICS, we also have 100 years of practical experience and technical expertise at our disposal.

The BRAILLON MAGNETICS Group includes the following companies:


Permanent magnet systems manufacturer


EP/EM magnetic clamping systems manufacture

Bridage Magnétisme & Systèmes

Design of vacuum clamping systems &  permanent magnets distribution

Sales and services of magnetic clamping systems in the USA
Manufacture of electrical case and controls for magnetic systems

Together we have over 100 years of practical experience of various magnetic applications:

  • Clamping devices for machine tools,
  • quick clamping systems for high temperature presses,
  • handling of ferrous material,
  • contactless magnetic transmission of movements to workpieces.

We also offer a wide range of magnetic accessories.

Our production programme is flexible and is constantly being expanded by customer-specific requests so that we can offer the optimum solution for every application.
It is precisely in this field of application that we want to support you with our expertise, the best possible advice and with a versatile product range.

Milling and HSC milling
  • Permanent magnetic chucks and electropermanent magnetic chucks. Swivel tables...
  • Permanent magnetic chucks, permanent magnetic chuck blocks, precision sine tables, precision vices, cylindrical grinders...

Turning ans hard turning
  • Permanent circular magnetic chuck
  • Permanent magnetic clamping plates, permanent magnetic clamping blocks, pull-down clamps 


  • Permanent magnetic clamping pallets, standard clamping pallets      
  • Tunnel or table-top degaussing devices, up to complete degaussing plants.

Lifting magnets
Vacuum clamping technology
  • for lifting and transporting...  
  • for machining aluminium, copper, plastics..

Automation technologies
  • for robotic systems (pneumatic, electro-magnets and electro-permanent magnets)


We have many years of expertise in magnetic clamping technology and have gained great customer confidence through intensive work with users on site. We offer both standard and individual solutions for magnetic clamping and lifting.
We look forward to feedback and good cooperation and are happy to answer any questions you may have.