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BMS INDUSTRIE, Development, Manufacturing and Integration

Burlat Magnet Systeme GmbH as a European family business develops, produces and integrates magnetic clamping systems as well as demagnetising systems for industry. Together with BRAILLON MAGNETICS, we offer 100 years of expertise in the field of magnetic clamping technology. 


Our guiding principles and corporate culture :

  • Manufacture of sustainable products
  • Manufacturing of high quality products
  • Respectful cooperation with customers and local suppliers
  • Professional advice and support for the optimal magnetising or demagnetising system
  • generation-spanning strategy for the future

Burlat Magnet Systeme provides professional advice and support for customer-specific requirements and helps you to find the optimum product for your applications.. 

Burlat-Magnet-Systeme GmbH


Development, conception, production and integration of degaussing systems.

We offer a complete range of degaussing equipment and integrate them into customised projects:

  • Different sizes of degaussing tunnels
  • Demagnetising tables
  • Hand-held demagnetisers

Our customers are accompanied from the idea to the realisation. We carry out demagnetisation tests on our premises in order to achieve the best demagnetisation result.  
In addition to the standard designs already realised, we also develop and manufacture special demagnetising systems for specific applications.

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+49 (0)3871-7298900 or by E-mail: BMS@BMS-industrie.com

Permanent lifting magnets production "Made in Germany"


Burlat Magnet offers a comprehensive range of lifting magnets manufactured in Germany or Europe:

  • Permanent lifting magnets with pole shoes for complex workpiece geometries.
  • Lifting magnets with battery
  • Electro-permanent lifting magnets
  • Electric lifting magnets

We also build special magnetic lifting devices according to customer requirements.

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+49 (0)3871-7298900 or by E-mail: BMS@BMS-industrie.com

Development, conception and production of permanent magnet systems:

  • For sorting / separation - food or recycling industry
  • For use in clamping technology 
  • For automation applications

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+49 (0)3871-7298900 or by E-mail: BMS@BMS-industrie.com
Sales and repair service of BRAILLON MAGNETICS products