REF 20.20
  • 20.20 Electromagnetic hold type VEM
  • 20.20 Electromagnetic
  • 20.20 Electromagnetic holding
  • 20.20 VEM
  • 20.20 VEM
  • 20-04-emc-1638-2122
20.20 Electromagnetic hold type VEM20.20 Electromagnetic 20.20 Electromagnetic holding20.20 VEM20.20 VEM20-04-emc-1638-2122

Electromagnetic circular holder type VEM

    • Long service life
    • Safe
    • Effective
    • Heavy duty & compact construction

. Steel housing
. Designed for continuous operation
. Threaded mounting holes at the rear
. In order to reach the nominal holding force the workpiece must cover the entire active face

  • Use :
    • Lifting
    • Handling
  • Admissible wear of top plate :
    • 4 mm
  • Voltage :
    • 24 VDC
  • Duty cycle :
    • 100 %
Options :
- Other dimensions on request
- Other voltages on request
- Reinforced version

F = Force
G = Power
Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D E F G
20.20.40.PE0,54050102x M528307
20.20.50.PE0,65050102x M632508
20.20.63.PE1,26363102x M8408013
20.20.80.PE2,28070122x M85012517
20.20.100.PE410080152x M106422022
20.20.125.PE8125105152x M108035035
20.20.160.PE13160105182x M1210060070
20.20.180.PE7180100223x M86495095
20.20.180BC.PE22180140223x M86495095
20.20.245.PE32245100223x M8801500146
20.20.300.PE75300130252x M20802300152
20.20.50.DIN436500,65050102x M632508
20.20.63.DIN436501,26363102x M8408013
20.20.80.DIN436502,28070122x M85012517
20.20.100.DIN43650410080152x M106422022
20.20.125.DIN436508125105152x M108035035
20.20.160.DIN4365013160105182x M1210060070
20.20.180.DIN4365017180100223x M86495064
20.20.180BC.DIN4365022180140223x M86495064
20.20.245.DIN4365032245100223x M8801500146
20.20.300.DIN4365075300130252x M20802300152
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