REF 10.31.18
  • Elektro Permanent Magnetspannplatte zum Fräsen
  • Elektro Permanent Magnetspannplatte zum Fräsen
10.31-MAGNETIC CHUCK TYPE TURBOMILL1810.31-ELECTROPERMANENT MAGNETIC CHUCK TYPE TURBOMILL18Elektro Permanent Magnetspannplatte zum Fräsen10.31-MAGNETIC CHUCKElektro Permanent Magnetspannplatte zum Fräsen

Electropermanent Magnetic Chuck type TURBOMILL18

    • High holding power
    • Heavy duty construction
    • Waterproof construction

. Top plate made of Steel+Epoxy resin
. Magnetic system with extremely high holding power
. Sturdy construction suitable for heavy machinings
. Ideal for medium size and thin workpieces
. Corresponding Control Unit and the Remote Control to be ordered separately:
See 50.01.BUR.230 / 50.01.BUR.400 and 50.10.T10
Included with purchase:
- 3, 6 or 10 meter long cable (length to be chosen) on the short side
- Long and short side end stops
- Clamps

  • Use :
    • Milling
    • Drilling
    • Contouring
    • Machining
  • Nominal force :
    • 135 N/cm²
  • Pole pitch :
    • 28 mm
  • Admissible wear of top plate :
    • 5 mm
  • Magnetic field height :
    • 10 mm
  • Voltage :
    • 340 VDC
Options :
- Other sizes on request
- Pole extensions to raise the workpieces
- Metal armoured cable with watertight connector
- Through holes to fix the chuck on the machine table
- Cable connection on the long side

D = Nb poles
Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D,0310300859,04803008515,04804008515,04805008515,05903008519,05904008519,05906008519,06506008521,07003008523,07004008523,07005008523,07603008525,07604008525,08804008529,08805008529,09903008533,09904008533,09905008533,09906008533,012003008541,012004008541,012005008541,012006008541,012008008541,013904008547,013905008547,015003008551,015004008551,015005008551,017908008561
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