REF 20.01
  • 20-01-aimant-de-levage-bhp-01-36717
  • aimant-de-levage-bhp-1972
  • german-lastheber-36710
  • Lastheber mit spezieller Aufnahme
  • Lastheber mit runder Aufnahme
  • lastheber-spezial-36715
  • palonnier-bhp-36225
  • Lastheber Horizontal Vertikal
20-01-aimant-de-levage-bhp-01-36717aimant-de-levage-bhp-1972german-lastheber-36710Lastheber mit spezieller AufnahmeLastheber mit runder Aufnahmelastheber-spezial-36715palonnier-bhp-36225Lastheber Horizontal Vertikal

Permanent Lifting Magnet type BHP

    • Safe
    • Safety factor of more than 3:1
    • Low sensiblility to airgap
    • According to EN13155 standard
    • Light

. Easy to handle permanent lifting magnets for use in various applications
. For handling of ferrous material loads
. Smooth and durable ON/OFF lever
. For use with both flat and round material
. Equipped with safety lock to maintain the lever in ON position
. For safe lifting and handling of ferromagnetic materials
. You can order special pole shoes adapted to your application (for example: 20.01+HT/ 20.01+CY/ 20.01+RA/ 20.01+RO/ 20.01+TV/ 20.01+BA/ 20.01+SPE)
. Maximum lifting force certificate is issued after the tests in order to ensure maximum safety when using the magnets with special pole shoes
. BHP magnets are manufactured and certified in Germany


  • Use :
    • Positionning
    • Mounting
    • Lifting
    • Handling
    • Clamping
    • Transport
Options :
- Special pole shoes for elements with complex geometry
- Beam for several lifting magnets
- ON/OFF integration for automation

F = Holding force flat/round
G = Mini thickness force 100%
H = Diameter
Qty Product Weight in kg A B C D E F G H
20.01.N1004,012568705440100/50daN15Ø 30-200
20.01.N2509,519198877050250/125daN25Ø 30-180
20.01.N50013,025598877050500/215daN30Ø 30-180
20.01.N100031,5321140109105651000/450daN50Ø 200-600
20.01.200085,0440180180125602000/800daN60Ø 200-400
20.01.3000175,0545225215150753000/1200daN80Ø 200-400
20.01.5000490,0565370221150805000/2400daN100Ø 200-400
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